My Candid Advice

Hi Everyone,

As all of us are aware, we are in for the most exciting 6 hours of our lives approximately one week from today : /

That being said, and considering I have basically spent 6 months of my life (without a job) studying for this exam, I thought I would share this with you all:

  1. I have studied well over 300 hours for this exam and actually “tried” to make sure that I pass. The amount of hours is probably close to 500. That being said, maybe (and probably) you are smarter than me and scoring better on your mocks (my average is mid 70s, nothing impressive).

  2. If you are NOT scoring above 70s but are in the 60s or even 60 exactly, do NOT give up. you CAN do this. If you have the luxury, take off this last week of work. Identify your weak areas and spend a FULL 8 hours a day addressing them up to Thursday before the exam. Stop and at that point, relax. Be calm going into it knowing you have given it your best. Because I know you have a real chance.

  3. If you are still scoring in the 50s, not to discourage you, but you have a lot of work in front of you. The real exam will test you on your knowledge in ways you may not think are possible. It may be too late for you to be honest, but if this is something you really want, again do not give up. You can conquer these exams!

I think I did about 700-900 hours in starting in January… maybe I over did it?.. I don’t plan on taking L2 next year.

What does 700+ hours look like? Well, 12 paper pads a lots of mock printouts.

Work and you will achieve.

Haha I already know by your scores, there are no worries my friend! Light weight for you on test day.

U never know. Might get a weird vignette and totally misunderstand it!

LMAO gimme a break. U need to go have a few beers.

plz, can you come back after the real test and tell us what do you think about it? I’m curious to know how the test will be for someone who studied 700+ hours.

perception is a neat thing. I know people who studied 500 hours thought the test was brutal and passed. I know someone who studied not more than 220 hours for L2 and thought the test was easy and passed no problem.

I think I saw you say in another thread that you got 88 on a mock. Feels good to see that that’s after 700 hours lol I was starting to get really worried…