my career and advice

Hi all, Basically I need some career help. I am a 25 year old australian. I have completed a double bachelor degree in accounting / banking and finance. And I just passed level 1 CFA on my first go in December. I am not doing level 2 because I don’t think its enough time to go into june, and I dont want to cram like crazy. My previous work experience was a year in accounting and international tax in Copenhagen, Denmark. I now currently work for Goldman Sachs (been in job for 6 months) in melbourne australia as an analyst in private wealth in a bit of a crappy job. Basically I put together complex reports for clients of there currently holdings, performance and most significantly there tax status of their holdings, cost bases, etc. My problem is I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where I want my career to go. And the thing is I can’t stay in melbourne for much longer, another 6 months, as I have to return to Denmark with my girlfriend in august/september. I do want to return as I loved it in europe. The problem is finding a new job in denmark. I could get an auditing job at a big 4 in denmark I reckon but problem is I havent got a masters, and thats what they value so highly there. By the way I am entering the Chartered accountats (CA) program here, so will get a unit or 2 done before I get to denmark. I dont speak danish either (well really badly). Ive seen a nice junior job in quantitative analysis, but dont think my background for this would be good. My career ambition would be to work in corporate finance or equity research, but I won’t get a job in this, its too hard to break in now that Im no longer a grad. Auditing may have been a good root to get into this, thats why a big 4 in denmark would be great. So really i dont know what to do. Is there any sort of online study I can do to beef up my resume for denmark auditing, quantitative finance, something??? Just some advice for my life im lost?? anyone danish here as well??? Well thats the end of my long appeal. Thanks

Check out You may want to look at the neighbouring countries as well since you obviously speak the languages (or will); the consultants fly around all over the place. Make sure you mention the accounting and international tax in Copenhagen… & language skills… just my .02

You might also want to check out this,, esp. “Stillingsannoncer” and the current opening JØP. Some phone numbers are provided; it might be worthwhile to call them up. Looks interesting. They’re obviously looking for someone younger to assist in Equity research… Just want to add this link also: and (in the latter case, look for “Öresundsregionen”).

Thanks for that mate, didnt know there was a CFA society in denmark. Still i don’t speak danish, so really will struggle with jobs at a lot of these companies. Thanks for the tips much appreciated, are you danish or in denmark yourself?