My CFAI mock scores

I took my CFAI mock exams today.

I scored 70% in Am and 74% in Pm.

Are this scores “ok” to pass CFAl2 this june??

I dont know about you but I dont feel conformtable at all after scoring 75% on my mocks because that means I still get 1/4 questions wrong after 300 hours of rigourous study.

I have the same opinion.

which cfai mock are u both talking about?

CFAI March mock 2014…uploaded on CFAI website.

I took the first cfai 2014 mock, not the march one… and got 60%… then i took elan mock 1 2014 and got 67%…

I’m feeling pretty good… its all about review

I heard MPS is between 58-63%

Try the March one.It is the original CFAI mock and please post your scores.

I wonder if these cfai mocks are harder then the real exam…

no 1 knows…

Searching old threads is a good way for you to guage your scores. Based on comments from people, the mock exam tends to be more difficult than the real thing but who knows if that’s true. There’s a contingent of people that ran +80% scores on Schweser mocks but the CFAI mock scores are a good deal lower.

Some guy “lilJamieDimon” made a cool post last year based on the 2013 CFAI mock exam using SurveyMonkey where people posted their scores. There is self-reporting bias (if you did poorly you’re less likely to fill it out, and people on AF may be on average more dedicated which will skew the results some), but these are the results from late May of last year on the Level II mock…(perhaps we can set something up similar in the next month to follow 2014 CFAI mock results?)

UPDATE: 98 Respondents

NOTE: The average combined score is ~67-68%. The 40th percentile scored ~69.2%. Given that the averages are not moving much over updates, I might just do one more update later tonight or tomorrow. I need to hit the books myself! I hope you guys found this useful… GOOD LUCK, everyone!!!

AM Session:

41.0 / 60 Avg; 41.0 / 60 Median

20 Min; 54 Max

PM Session:

39.2 / 60 Avg; 40.0 / 60 Median

28 Min; 51 Max


80.1 / 120 Avg; 80.5 / 120 Median (66.8% Avg; 67.1% Median)

50 Min (41.67%); 103 Max (85.83%)

The 40th percentile scored ~69.2%.

Thanks for sharing.

I think one important factor that we all tend to miss is the time factor ie scoring 70% 2 weeks before exam in CFAI mocks is not equivalent to scoring 70% 2 months before the exam.

^ I agree. That thread was active from mid to late May last year with the exam on June 1, so candidates were well seasoned at the point.

^ agreed