my chair is worth for 5k?!?!

we bought a new chair for a new hire .low and behold its the same chair i got a while back. but i saw the price tag. its worth 5k?! i was like WTF?! i got a chair at my house i bought from costco worth like 100 bucks, and i like it more. anyways we saw the new product and compared it to mine. my seat’s discolored as heck and i may have messed up the arm rests. anyways, had i known this was worth $5k, i may have not put my feet up on this. (i like to sit indian style shoes off and everything).

You’re the man, dog.

What kind of chair is the $100 one and the $5k one? Maybe if you become famous, the discoloration might add value, since it contains your DNA for the use of future generations.

I trust you took the new guy’s chair and gave him your used POS.

black leather 150 bucks.

biege cloth? 5k.

anyways, i always thought leather was more expensive.

and nah higgmond, i couldnt do that. im not a POS. lol. as ohai said this dna could be valuable, gotta restrict supply. lol