My charter arrived today

It’s absolutely f*cking massive!




Where are you located? I wonder when mine is coming. I am in NYC and my membership was approved the day level 3 results came out. I would imagine mine should be coming soon.

London, UK.

Thanks! Anyone in NYC get theirs yet?

Fuck yeah Rex! I will pour one out for you homeslice.

I got mine yesterday! I live in Chicago :slight_smile:


This feels a bit like that nightmare when you think you finished your college degree and graduated but then dream you are short 3 credit hours.

I did get the letter in the mail confirming I am a Charterholder so I imagine mine should be coming soon.

Haven’t gotten mine yet. But I did receive the letter(s) already. It seems like it was two letters from Paul Smith with roughly the same context. And i’m in Virginia…the same state as the CFA Institute :slight_smile:

Haven’t received mine yet but I did receive an e-mail telling me to claim my Level II badge! yaaaay!!!

Yes, Level II

woohoo! Must be exciting and well deserved! Did you get a frame for it too?

Apparently they have badges now too

I receive an e-mail telling me to claim my Level II badge too! so weird :))

Just got an email notification from my building system. A USPS package arrived for me today (in NYC) from VA. That has got to be it…

Then, WTF, why I have not gotten mine? I believe I paid as you :-)… I guess I can wait…

I claim that badge but I still don’t know how it works.

Confirmed. Mine came in yesterday. It’s really big.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t heard that before.


Set myself up for that one didn’t I… I was expecting a “that’s what she said.”

Huh…thanks? LOL