My confidence is going down day by day...

Isnt it weird? I should feel confident after putting so many hours into this studies but I don’t know why my confidence is going down. I am not sure whether I would be able to pull this year or not. I took 2 exams - Book 6 1 Am and 1 PM and scored 72% and 65%. Scores are not bad still I dont know why. Anyone feel the same thing?

these exams open our eyes (mine too) up to what we don’t know… wish i’d started on them a week or two ago. but still lots of time as of today. but any time you lose today (like posting on this site), we will never get back.

yep and yep… Somedays your up and (it seems more often than not) some your down… I do a 60 question Qbank exam a day and have been scoring high 70s low 80s and then I take the Sample #2 and score a 50… sweet… Anyway, we got time… Keep at it for the next two weeks and we will be ready!

I’m not really sure anyone is supposed to feel great about going into this thing. I kind of like the approach of thinking we’re gonna get smothered so we don’t walk in thinking this is just a formality. The weight of the exam is unbearable at times, though, so I think its quite natural.