as of today, i have finished reading the book 5 (schweser) once and the first 4 books twice . i have also done the concpet checkers twice. the first four books. I know its a little wierd but i wasnt comfortable with what I retained after the first read. MY plan is do 30, 35 pages a day of book 5 from now on and start the schewser books 6. (exams). do I have a chance of passing this thing? is my plan going forward ok? plus can anyone tell me how much time it takes to learn the formulas at the back of the books? and is everyone reading ethics from the cfai book? ur inputs advice comments are very much appreciated. thank you

I’d advise (and this is subjective because you understand how you learn and retain knowledge more than me) that you focus on taking as many exam questions between now and the 6th. This will show you what you have and haven’t retained and allow you to focus your revision on the stuff you’re missing. It’ll also exposure you to common slip-up areas in questions. 1-week out, spend your time 50/50 on exam questions and review of problem areas. make notes of any repeat mistakes and revise these heavily. Also,cut any caffeine in your diet 7-days out, this has a BIG impact on your ability to concentrate for long periods.

At this point you should be taking as many practice exams as possible, then spending 1- 3 days in between each practice exam reveiwing your weak spots. This method worked for me, I’m a level III candidate (passed I & II on the first try)

Farina, actually on the day of, caffeine is a good thing, as it has been proven to sharpen your mental and physical abilities. Marathon runners chew caffeine gum a half hour before races.

Should I stop chewing nicotine gum a week before the exam?

I’m with Farina and MZW. Do as many questions as possible. QBank will be particularly helpful since it tells you what you’ve done wrong and what areas are weak. Also, I have to agree with Farina about the caffeine issue. I’ve had coffee before a few of the practice exams and always wind up crashing 2 hrs in.