My Empathy busted me again, it done... it done didn't help me I says...

Chatted with a ‘recruiter’ over the phone. She had trouble keeping to the script. I felt this. And also felt that we had nothing to offer each other. Looking more for a young fella, few years Mckinsey/BCG types, dunno why she called me in the first place…

We ended up laughing about really random stuff. And then after I went to a nyssa class for the level 3 exam, I dropped into a random pub, and some lady actually put in ‘Rooster’ from Alice in Chains on the jukebox.

it’s a long song worth the dollar, but I never heard anybody put in that song on a jukebox.

Had someone from a FP/Life Insurance Co call me to “connect”. I think I will tell him that I don’t plan my finances, they just happen, and then yell YOLO as loud as I can.

It’s bagel Wednesday. YOLO!!!

Perhaps you didn’t clearly convey the message that you absolutely kill what you eat. A follow up call sounds appropriate to clarify.

First song on the Pandora playlist at the gym–Rooster.

One of the greatest songs ever. I can’t think of ten songs I’d rather listen to than the Rooster.

AIC Unplugged is such an album. Their music translates so well to acustic and that version is so damn good.

I’m going to see AIC on July 15th. I love the Dirt album.