My ethics where stolen!

So on my way home yesterday, I fell asleep on the train and some p.o.s. decided to steal my bag… I lost my calc (not such a big deal) but also my Ethics/Quant book!!! I planned on reading the entire ethics section today and don’t know anyone who might be able to let me borrow it. By chance is anyone near SUMMIT, NJ that would be willing to let me borrow it for a few hrs? If not, any suggestions on where I can get the materials last-minute? Would I be able to find it in the library or online? All I have is schweser notes and QBank but don’t think its enough.

Such irony! Well F that douchebag. But as CFAsuicide posted, the SOPH is available free online.

i hope the iy who took it is not trying to get the charter, too : ) good luck dude. i had a scare this morning too

The ethics section is available for free download on the cfa site Don’t get too worked up now.

ironic indeed! thank god their online, thanks for the heads up!