My exp with MBA admissions

I am working at BB in energy s&t and applying to MBA next year. I have the following stats: state college mid 3 gpa 620 gmat 3 years work exp CFA level 2 cand I am only applying to two schools…Rice and Texas So… dont worrying so much about job title or even role so much…foucs on solid exp and being able to tell your story of why b school and why now. meet the admissions people… i was a little worried about my stats but they told me not to worry as long as you were in the range or a little under/over… I am not applyihavng to any of the top 10 schools so I am not sweating it… also having an idea of what you would like to do post mba is a good topic to mention when meeting with admissions… they want people that they can place post mba so having an idea is huge… also dont stress it so much right now if you are in undergrad or a few years out of school… i met a few people who were teachers, peace corp, tfa for a few years then went to rice and interned with BB investment banking and accepting offers for full time associates… it is common… not sure but it happens… also a lot of those jobs pay the same base which is 90-95 base with different bonus… so you pick… just a little info because I had to learn this on my own… wish someone told me…

when you say don’t worry about job title, how serious are you about that? my job title and experience (1 year) thus far will not suffice.

I mean I am not going to kill myself or not apply to school xyz because I dont have investment banking on my resume or founder of company xyz one of the assoicates in our mba program at my work worked for his dads flooring company before mba and now making 210k a year first year out… i have a friend who was 3.9 at top 10 undergrad… banking for 4 years… harvard mba… i have another friend that started a rug company and grad with 3.1 from same school and in same class at harvard mba… it is not a science on getting in so dont sweat the small the small things… work hard and learn as much as you can… do your best on GMAT and work hard on essays… dont say you cant simply by currnet job, gpa in college… you cant change that stuff… aim high… if you dont get in… try again… i applied for 20 jobs my senior year of college and got 3 offers… everyone looked at 3 offers… i could not stop thinking about 17 that said no

Job title doesn’t matter. Job responsibilities do.

great reply FIAnalyst

I seen those MBA profiles of entrants, they had some serious credentials to begin with. But i’ll take your advice for sure.

i mean a lot of the people will but dont think that every b school is going to have 50% bankers,pe,mc in the class… some schools take as many as 800 students so do the math…

Applied to 20 jobs? LOL. I applied to 220 jobs and got 2 offers.

man our career office sucked. I was an networking machine…

just out of curiosity…why not apply to some top 10 schools. you never know…you might just get in?

jeff_s I work in energy and wish to cont to work in energy post MBA… the best two schools to make that happen is UT and Rice. They place over 60% of grads in energy related jobs so that would be the place for me. While others degrees carry much more weight nation wide or international… people in energy respect UT and Rice in terms of hiring.