My Firm Stopped Paying Me - Advice?

I’m in a tough situation. I’m a salaried employee and my firm stopped paying me and a few of my co-employees about 6 months ago during a reorganization. It’s a medium sized firm and only a few of us were affected so it’s probably not a sign of the firm’s financial distress. I still receive emails from various departments and I’m actually busier than ever. The company knows I’m still there but nobody will address the issue, not even HR. I have been looking hard for another job, but no luck so far and I’m worried it’ll be even harder to find a new job if I quit this job.

Between the ramped up workload at the office, the financial stress and the time spent looking for a job, I’m beat. Anyone have a game plan to get me out of this situation?

additional info - We already moved out of Manhattan. We live in NJ, but it’s just EXPENSIVE living in this part of the country. Plus I have a family to think about. My wife is a working professional but I am/was the primary income.

Never Happened.

They fixed the glitch.

whats going on here?

theres a glitch

I don’t understand. You’re working there but you’re not compensated; that sounds legally actionable.

Or did they just lay you off but say you could say you were still at the company while you look for something else? That would not be legally actionable.

I can certainly help, but I would need to know what firm.

Are you Milton from Office Space?

So not only does Itera discourage people from going into finance, but he also doesn’t pay them. I’d lay a steep bet he goes gangsta and xplains, “This is SS ER, you don’t get no comp till you earn it, na’mean?”

The poor indentured servant knows no other master and assumes they must pay their dues on the street one way or another.

I’d also lay a steep bet that the OPs post never happened and is simple one of the new residential trolls. Weak trolling at that.

There WAS a glitch, it seems as the Bobs have corrected it

So it’s my fault yet again that an anonymous poster isn’t getting his money in who knows what company he’s working at?

Yea idk about this CvM did itera delete a post cause he didnt seem to do anything here.

^nope. nothing here was touched.

it’s rather ironic he says I discourage people when he trashes sellside equity research jobs at every turn. I actually tell people it’s just fine as a career step in.

Unless of course they don’t get paid.

Im imagining this guy has a breifcase full of crackers, and his employer is Brandt Leland.

I’m playing Itera! We good.

I think whoever his boss is is a genius. Guy’s not getting paid, but guy still does his work…well, if the wheel ain’t squeeking, no need to grease it.

God I laughed so hard at this.

Bob Slydell: Well, just a second there, professor. We, uh, we fixed the *glitch*. So he won’t be receiving a paycheck anymore, so it’ll just work itself out naturally.

Bob Porter: We always like to avoid confrontation, whenever possible. Problem is solved from your end.

No way that this is a real post.

It’s definitely actionable. I think of it as a growing legal receivable. They didn’t lay me off. I’m still an employee at the firm actively working on things. I may even be entitled to additional damages, but it’s wearing on me. I don’t want to sue while I’m at the firm. I could quit and then sue and create a company to work on a side project to fill the gap in my resume.

The firm is not a household name but if you’re in finance, there’s a decent chance you’ve heard of them. Either way, not really relevant to the intent of my post.

Sue 'em. That’s ridiculous. Absolutely insanely ridiculous. Why do you show up at all? Seriously the day I don’t get paid, I don’t come to work anymore until its cleared up. My time isn’t donated to any corporation. That’s just pure insanity. And you’re a push over to tolerate it.