My first complete Practice Exam. Score:

OK. After having read all the study notes and done quite a bit of exercises, i got:

overall score: 73,75%

ethics: 72,15%

q.m.: 67.855%

economics: 83,35%

financial accounting: 67.85%

corporate fin: 55%

portfolio management: 80%

equity: 75%

fixed income: 82.15%

derivatives: 83.33%

alternative investments: 75%

**The exam is taken from Schweser Practice Exam1, and it is the second one.

Although I shall revise Corporate finance better, I am pretty sure I would have passed the test with these results, and I comfortably stayed in the 3hrs time.

-Is the Schweser Practice Exam (not the Mock exams) a good benchmark?

-Do I need to worry about not having financial accounting above 70%?

Thank you very much

That’s very good actually!

I think Schweser exams are probably the best benchmark out there, is this from practice exam book 1 or 2?

Book 2 is harder, but i don’t think it’s unreasonable (perhaps one or two questions out of each exam are crazy).

Try re-doing this exam closer to exam date to review all the mistakes you’ve made.

If i were you i would definitely review more on Financial Accounting and Corp Finance because they are HUGE topics in L2.

GOOD LUCK! :slight_smile:

That was the second exam from practice book 1.

It is very good you are scoring good marks in practice exams. Here the second practice exam is little tough.

But it is okay

I also did 1st full test from Shweser Book 1, test 1 and got score 64%.

I need to master FRA, Equity and Fixed income.

Remember also to do it in “exam environment”. L1 i remember is quite long, and you may not be used to doing a 6 hour exam… gets really tired after lunch!

If you are scoring more than 70% it is good enough and if you are scoring below 70% you not need to be worried because you have 2 months with you for studies.Many students boost up their performance in last 10 days and they did well in exams.

I am a bit confused because of big range of scores with different sources of exams :frowning:

On average I score more than 80% in Qbank. I go for 60% in CFA mocks and around 65% on Shweser mocks. Which one is the best for benchmark?

On each exam I heavily depend on guessing lots of questions - I am afraid I would be that lucky on actual exam :frowning:

Dont answer questions where you have absolutely no clue, and then count your score, any guesses would be a bonus contingency.

That’s for sure. My point was that it is quite often that I don’t remember how it is written in the book, or if it is actually written there, but based on some knowledge and logic I use and go for the right answer, especially in economies.

Well you answered your question. You guessed a lot of the answers so the “better” constructed answers are harder to guess because they all kind of make sense, but the poor ones are just random answers…

Anyway, they are all very good mocks and i encourage anyone to study these mocks over and over again.

The trick is to review EVERY SINGLE question, whether you got it right or wrong. Often times you may have gotten it right and you THOUGHT your logic was correct but in fact, your logic was flawed and only a coincidence that you got it right on that question.

So definitely spend suffiicient time on each question and go back to the chapters in the curriculum as soon as you are lost.

Anyone tried Elan mocks? Any opinion?

Qbank isn’t a good benchmark. You’ll get differing opinions, but I think the Schweser mocks are not too different in difficulty to the actual exam. I scored similarly on the Schweser mocks (one month within taking the exam) to what my estimated 40/60/80 score was on the actual thing.

If you’re looking for a mock exam this one is cheap and similar to Kaplan.

I would say, Book 1 exams of schweser are slightly easier than the exam itself. The exam level lies between the level of Book 1 and level of Book 2 of Schweser. Though your score is a good score and good indicator. But I would suggest you to work hard on FInancial Accounting and pracitce on Book 2 to see where you stand. Good luck

i agree!

I agree also.

Great 1st practice exam score. Your definitely ahead of the competition. Don’t worry about the 67% in FRA. Of course you want to be getting above 70%, but for your 1st one that’s great. I started off in the low 70’s on my Schweser mocks and by end (did 6) was in high 70’s, low 80’s and passed all but one subject. Quite honestly, if you took the exam today you might pass. Your well on track. Don’t get content though, keep working hard. Good luck!!

Very good.