My first mini test - scheweser vol. 2 exam 1

got 77% in morning, and 65% in the afternoon, as my very first real full day mini test, in total 71%. I am pretty happy. it was much better than my first mini for level I last year (1.5 months before the real thing)! ethics is killing me; private equity, I screwed for the exam as I was cheated by some tricky answers; and swap, I was totally screwed … as usual. will work hard on these topics now any of you guys start full mini test yet?

How is that a mini-test? That’s a full 6 hour test with the same # of questions you will see on exam day. And good job you son of a b----. That score on Volume 2 would put you in the pass category right now.

wow… good job… I got 63% in the morning and 67% in the afternoon. Scores across topics were completely inconsistent between the morning and afternoon sessions.

sarah, you started from vol. 2 as well? did you touch any other exams and how do you feel? I always found schweser’s exams material / questions are much longer than the actual test (as in level I). It is a headache to scan through everything quickly to find the clue …

just finished it. only did AM session. got 55% . yikes!

still 2 months to go, lets crack on

Wow that is impressive. I am going to do my first on Sunday and will be happy with a 60% at this point.

I took the free sample exam from CFAI and got an 83%. It made me realize just how narrowly focused these item sets can be on a single topic. If I had gone back to check my answers I’m pretty sure I would found the stupid mistake I made on 2 of them. One ethics question really bugged me b/c the explanation didn’t explain anything and it was confusing to me.

it seems schweser is normally much harder than the sample and real exam All questions are stupidly long, making you feel like reading novels

I’m going to try the Schweser exams when I’m finished with all the sample exams. Why is everyone started with vol 2?

Bradleyz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m going to try the Schweser exams when I’m > finished with all the sample exams. Why is > everyone started with vol 2? Because we all know vol 2 is much harder. I have done half of vol 2. Each page may just give explanation to 2 questions. Treat it as the actual exam may ruin your confidence. So I think 70% is a pretty good score.

I started vol 2, but that’s not because I finished vol 1. haha. I only did the morning session of exam 1 in volume 1. I just did the afternoon session of exam 2 volume 2 and got 72%… I was super happy about that until I saw that the average score on the performance tracker in Schweser was 75%. I’m still moderately happy. I haven’t taken any of the actual CFA tests, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I do think that the vignettes are really long… Like, as I am reading the vingette, in my head I’m thinking, “I’m screwed/have little to no idea of what’s going on.” That being said, I did find that I was able to answer a lot of questions i didn’t think I would be able to (with any confidence at least), by process of elimination… Not sure if Schweser did it on purpose or if they were just crappy questions.

oops I meant morning session of exam 2, vol 2.

does the performance tracker mean averager takers got 75% ? that is unbelievable!! 72% is a very good score at this stage anyway. I will try exam 2 next week and see. PS, I still doubt if the real test will be more difficult than schweser vol.2

I would imagine that the sample set of Schweser vol 2 practice test takers is not representative of L2 population, especially at this stage in the game. Needless to say, I would be pleased with 70-75% on that exam; unfortunately, I don’t think that’s in the cards right now. :frowning: Good work.