My friend called us all “massive chungas”

What even is a chunga?

was at a dinner tonight with the bros. And somehow they started talking about people in finance, and this one guy (good guy, good friend of mine) said that anyone who works in finance is a massive “Chunga”.

is it true? Are we all chungas?

chunga noun

chun·​ga | \ ˈchəŋgə\ plural -s Definition of chunga : a cariama (Chunga burmeisteri) of northern Argentina that is smaller and darker than the crested cariama, has a shorter crest, and frequents more wooded terrain


I’ve been called worse (very surprising, I know)

Your friend sounds like a massive douche. What industry does he work in? I’ll bet he’s a patchouli-smelling, weed-smoking UBI supporter…

It’s a Central American Spanish colloquialism for whore or slut. Pretty closely related to “chinga tu Madre,” but not quite as offensive because it doesn’t bring up your mother.

He’s one of them civil engineer types. I would say mean things, but I know S2K is watching.

He uses Schwab as his brokerage though - so I wonder who the bigger chunga is really.

I hope he is better at building bridges that don’t collapse than he is at blanket-assessing a segment that is 20-25% of GDP with an insult that doesn’t even make sense. Unless he is inferring, as SportBiker points out, that we are all somehow prostituting ourselves to be in this industry in some way, shape or form. I mean, in that regard, he may have a point.

And anybody that uses Schwab, which 100% sounds like a device that may be used to cleanse earwax from one’s ears, should be reevaluating their life choices, like, immediately.

whats wrong with schwab? as of right now, its the closest thing to a brokerage bank like fidelity. it has cc, mortgages, loans, and good yields on cash. anyways. he’s a civil engineer. he prolly isnt worth much! so his opinion is prolly quite similar.

Well, with the TD acquisition, it looks like I am also becoming a Schwab customer. I don’t know the difference. All these places seem the same to me.

Anyway, I think people tend to make a lot of assumptions about people and things they don’t know about. If you were bothered by every opinion of people who are ignorant of one thing or another, you would probably end up being not so happy.

Just like Hillary threw all the deplorables under the bus. Worked out well, amiright?

at the end of the day. its bettter to be a chunga than be basic. never be basic.