My level 1 exam registration box isn't yellow! Failure?

When I logged onto the CFA today I found that my box wasn’t yellow. My buddies is! Does this mean I failed and he passed? Or he failed I passed? Or just CFA messing with us?

Mine is yellow. That’s all I can say.

fml see you in december then

Whats the reasoning behind Yellow = Pass?

where’s the box??

Go to Level 1 Registration in your account

What box are you all talking about?

Mine is yellow. We need BillBelemy in here ASAP!

You failed I’m sorry

Hopefully yellow is the CFAI’s way of informing IT to update these pages because they pass. :smiley:

Mine is yellow as well, that is very strange

What about the checkmark under ‘completed’? Is that checked for you?

Are you all talking about the multiple boxes underneath “Registration Steps” once you’ve clicked on “CFA Program Level I Registration” in your account? If so, then my bottom one that says, “Level I CFA Examination Registration” is yellow.


yep that is what he is talking about…

what the hell does yellow or white even mean! yellow could mean fail and white could mean pass yellow could be the color equivalent of CFAI pis*sing all over us AGAIN becuase we’re worthless maggots and couldnt pass for the second time even though we were Band 10 the first time! longest weekend of our lives coming up…I’ll be in AC drinking and gambling away my sorrows!

Again, Whats the reasoning behind Yellow = Pass? Mine is yellow though but I dont’ think this means jack

This is silly, I’m going to go have a beer…


Yellow? I was looking for some lance armstrong type yellow. It’s like light tan. This doesn’t mean anything. I think it just means we completed the Level I registration.