My Level 1 notes

I’ve passed Level 1 in December 2008 and a lot of people on the AnalystForum were to thank for that. I combined a lot of the useful material I came across during my preparation and put it together in a notepad file. The info is in a very random order and is in mostly point form but it’s a good summary. Please do not rely solely on this. Just read it as a checklist sort of thing if you think you’ve forgotten something important. Here’s the link: Once again, it’s a very random set of notes in no particular order, but I just thought I’d contribute anyways. Good luck.

Hey, thanks so much for offering your notes. Would you mind resending them, for some reason it says it need to be uploaded again. Very much appreciated!

Use megaupload or mediafire…

Here it is again:

jlive1975 - your secret sauce was a great read. I feel more confident after reading it as I’m following the majority of those steps, except for the rocky movies. I’ll be going with rambo, just a personal preference.

jlive1975 - Can you do me a favor, is it possible to upload the link some other sharing website. Bcoz our office has blocked the site. Guys might be you can download and upload the link in some sharing site. Plz don’t forget to paste the link…in this same thread. thanks.

or… you can wait 5 hours and open it when you get home.