My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! have you gained weight? gundlhach tweet/stat

Gundlach Tweet:
The American Psychological Association reports that in a recent survey they conducted fully 48% of Millennials say they’ve had undesired weight gain during the pandemic, with the average weight gain being a mind blowing 41 pounds.

i actually lost weight. mamacita likes!

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I honestly don’t know.

I think my wife bought a defective scale. Maybe it was used or something. It’s a digital scale, and every time I step on it, it doesn’t tell me my weight. It just says “Max”. But my name isn’t Max.

So I just quit getting on it. Stupid scale.

There’s no way the average weight gain can be 41 pounds.

But anyways, I weigh exactly the same amount as before the pandemic but then again, the lockdowns and restrictions had pretty much zero effect on my daily habits.

I lost like 10 pounds. Not sure if it was the lack of beer/eating out or that I stopped going to the gym, but I look soft

id tell you all my weight gain. but i dont think you’re ready for this jelly.

Mijo, you need to look like this for the big day:

Ease up on the (Grub)hub!!!

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shes 120! (to her thats fat) and shes 5’5.

I am sure your fiancée will be a vision of loveliness that day. You need to put down the bacon and get on the treadmill!!! :running_man: :weight_lifting_man:

" Comfort food is not an illusion — eating really can trigger feelings of psychological relief, and one study found that highly stressed women who gained weight as a result of “emotional eating” later coped with stress more calmly. There is a reason we resort to munching when things get too much."

Do you start eating when going gets tough? I’ve personally never understood the term comfort food because I start feeling even shittier if I start gorging down hot dogs and doughnuts when stressed out.

That’s because hotdogs and donuts aren’t comfort food. It varies by culture, but something more substantial, like chicken pot pie, is comfort food.

Yeah okay. My point was that eating unhealthy makes me feel even shittier. Be it chicken pot pie or hot dogs.

broskissss. i bought some frozen chicken pot pie at costco. it was on sale. so the cost was like 75 cents a pot pie. its ok to get fat. just remember to stay rich. keep slaying kings.