My mind is officially DEAD

Ok my colleague just called me while I was doing the MOCK exam 1, he says to me: “So and so wanted your number from me…” I cut him off and say “…well do you have my number…” then I stop and think wtf…off course he has my number he is talking to me on my line…and naturally he cannot stop laughing…Now how am I going to pass CFA when I am having such BLOND moments…I blame it completely on CFAI …ok back to MOCK

I can’t stop laughing, that’s a good one, pal:) It means you are ready, Good luck

If by doing something stupid means ready for the test, I will ace it with flying colors. I just dropped an entire bowl of soup on my carpet and now I’m just sitting here looking at the big stain.

Just open a few more cans and spread it around to match the stain.

And then I went crazy with the frebreeze trying to neutralize the smell… The TV commercial lied, it doesn’t smell like spring time fresh at all.

Cover it with newspaper.

I’m the same way today. I answer the phone, “Investments, (my name)”. My coleague answered her line, “Investments, Barbara”, and apparently it stuck, because moments later, my phone rang, I answered, “Investments, Barbara” too. The first few moments of that phone call were a bit awkward.