my own analysis

we could get 30 questions wrong and still pass this thing… 90/120= 75 thus we could outright miss 5 vignettes. so i am approaching this like a baseball game… each vignette is a series… i want to win each series 5/6 , 6/6…thus win each series win the whole damm thing… however along the way we will not win some series…(ethics, pm, em) but thats ok b/c the other ones we will dominate… ethics, pm, em— those are my road games… i dont do good on the road… the others are home games… we can all do this…

Just remember there is no crying in CFA.

unless one of my 2 fears comes true… 1) i skip a question and i forget to skip it on the scanteron… then i get to the end and i am up to number 59 but i am really on number 60… or 2) they give us 2 vignettes on em then i as a man will cry…

thank god for black scholes options, capital budgeting and a few others. they are great opportunity for 6’s.

^^^ Agreed.

75% the new benchmark? What happen to 70%? There’s no extra credit on this exam.

lol… i went w/ the 75 to keep it nice and clean w/ missing 5 vignettes… but you are correct

what is em?

emerging markets who ever wrote that should be kicked in the teeth

was there a full vignette on that last year? I forget

It’s new this year, i.e. probably going to see it.

just b/c it is new, you think it will be tested?