my own wife...

Over three years I have been studying and today someone asks what CFA means and she tells them a Certified Financial Analyst. lol

Eh Chartered/Certified. Close enough. It’s an honest mistake considering most disignations starting with “C” is “Certified.” My girlfriend is in HR and is a PHR. Fack if I know what the “P” stands for.

pics?,r:14,s:89&tx=101&ty=136&biw=1302&bih=684 wow. thats a long link to a safe for work pic

your wife looks like johnny depp …not judging just saying

She should wax. For real.

My wife would do the same. To be fair, a broker asked me the other day what my wife was going to grad school for and I couldn’t replicate the name of the program. That’s what happens when you never see your wife in person

is this thread sized at an abnormal size? i am on a mac and have never seen this on the forum. The link I posted doing this or something?

KickinTheBricks Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > She should wax. For real. no leave it it brings out her eyes

oo i didnt even get that at first. I would have totally failed that question.

Damn Skip. You stretched out this thread like I stretched out you mom!