My Pain

I drink the whiskey

It burns down my throat

Taking the pain

Taking the misery

Life is so hard

But yet we’re committed to it.

I’m no longer myself

What is going on - what is the source of all this despair?

Take comfort in the fact that we will all one day get sucked down into the vanishing point of oblivion from which there can be no escape.

Sounds cool, but fake news.

The oblivion, like OP’s struggle, is real my friend. Just ask the billions of dead who once roamed the earth.

Furthermore, in time, the universe will die of heat death and entropy. So none of what was done will have mattered, and it will just have been a second in an infinite span of time. Maybe.

I want to die.

Fair point

No, no, no big deal. The day was bad. Whiskey is still there.

If you wanted to die, then you’d be in a bag. You just wanna talk about wanting to die.

Ah, the things I could have done if I was born in this country. The girls I could have slept with. My mediocrity. No point to life.

There’s always someone more successful just focus on the cards you’ve been dealt and work with what you got

im sure nery will share some of his girlz with you

lol god damn

I’ll pull a group. Sharing is caring it can be fun

Don’t die. Read a book!