My piece of advice from 1st time taker

Hi, I must say I am an average Joe and not a native speaker (im from Vietnam). I have successfully nailed CFA level 3 (and level 1-2) at first attempt. I want to thank AF forum for I have learnt a lot from everyone here and wanna share my preparation tips, hope it helps. (Sorry I use google translate so there would be some mistakes, I will correct them later) -Start From January, if better, you should start from December with leisurely read. Prepare an excel file to log hours. Number of hours minimum target is 300hours, average 350H range. Every day you should learn how to estimate and log files to know what you’re in any position. This is extremely important not to disregard nhá. Her application for all 3 levels to make the guideline for their learning process and succeeded. Of course the number is not as important as the quality of school hours, but if you’re an average Joe like you, then you need a high capacity relative time to absorb the huge body of knowledge of each Level (each Level has a Private difficult). This -Level yourself please take note when studying the first round so do not have much time and KN shows should write more in a few months later, the brain will remember it better. I just wrote one formula and concept few key subjects in severance -Make Flashcard: write the formula to remember and hard to remember the concept. Watch spare time falling apart. -Ethics: Just start at the end of April for having KN review and should just past the island was quick to grasp the sense of ethics: D. 1-2 month of learning on round 1, June 2-3: round 2 and homework. In early April began to mock, earlier than 2 level before 1 May for KN shows as do many data chaining capability as possible. If you start from April, it was good too. Do not put new touches to May, making mock exam, write down the answers will help you crank, habituated to answer. May began with him is a bit late, unless you have that Level 3 retaker. For those who like their first exam, do not take risk. -Part Do not ignore their potatoes too learn to back (diagram option …). Fortunately, after attending her AFTC review of his method helped to understand and remember very well the way inference payoff diagram, so I also fear and no longer support “bored” again. If you read the first round, but many of the concepts are strange too, there is no need of tension and try reading it again. Just confidently ignore, 2-3 you will understand. Do not take too much time and aims to understand in the first round. -According To feel personal level 3 in volume and difficulty level of knowledge does not equal knowledge level 2, I do not see much by struggling study in Level 2. However, level 3 difficulty in number of essays short, or longer called constructed answers. Have you study will have a significant advantage over the English paragraph writing. In his examination room to write like mad remember almost no time to think within 3 hours, the first urge to smoke. 11 AM its all big questions, I also relatively hard to catch up with time. Remember, answering all the questions DC was a big Achievement then because most of the candidates have not enough time to complete all questions. CFA Institute has announced it will give partial credit for answers so please answer as much as possible, but concise and do not wordy. Although I have mentioned so themselves but also several items set his mind to write longish too -Find A few friends to share academic pressure and help each other weak spots. I have 2-3 friends like to scream whenever bored, tired, feeling tired. Cried finished the study. Furthermore Discuss with you when you will understand faster and deeper. Is never alone apprehend study: D -Get In terms of instructional materials: + I learn mostly Schweseer notes, somewhat confusing the reader pulled out curiculum, eg fixed income, behavioral finance. + Mock exams: exam materials is the most standard past, AM of Schweser exam is relatively short and not very close competition, mainly questions of concept learning style rather than inference. PM is quite ok. Finquiz is quite difficult, to say very difficult compared with mock exam, have some answers are wrong. But if you lack the exam, I can recommend probation 1-2 to see how to, it doesnt hurt to try. -Key take-away (I guarantee you will pass- 90% to 10% is bad luck: D) + The total duration of ~ 400 hours + Read the document 4-5 (without school curriculum, just read the important parts first, there is no need to do EOC) + Making ~ 10 mock exams (2-3 timed test). As much as possible. Take note all errors before the exam review. + Tap write very much. + Make sure you do the morning 90% of the questions in the allotted time. 100% better. + Learn the tips on the network and apply the appropriate tips to myself + Join Analystforum. I learned a lot from the discussion on it. + Never give up.