My plan - for better or for worse

I failed last year as a band 5. I only used Schweser, including the videos. However, I really never took time out every week to review material that I studied, and they came back to bite me, as by the time I “covered” all the material, I had forgotten all the stuff I had studied earlier (except accounting because I am a CPA).

This time around, I am using the CFAI texts as my primary source and outlining the material (referring back to last year’s Schweser books as needed to clarify the important aspects of the LOS if it is confusing). I feel like all the hours I wasted watching videos that were putting me to sleep, is better spent actually outlining material. So far, I have done ethics, quant, and econ. Quant is a weak point for me, but I definitely feel like I picked it up better this time since I outlined it. I am doing all EOCS and doing some additional questions from the Schweser hard copy books from last year (yes I know there can be some changes, but so far material has corresponded well).

Sunday has been my review day so far where I read my outlines. Also, I cut out all the formula pages from my schweser books last year and I review the ones that I have covered daily, usually before bed. So far, its only 2 pages front and back of formulas because all I have done is econ and quant. But, I will say, as of right now, I know those formulas now way better than at any point last year. It will be tough when all the material is covered to review 15 pages of formulas front and back daily, but this was a suggestion that someone gave me who passed, and I think it has merit.

Anyone have any suggestions/feedback on this approach? My only concern is not practicing enough questions since I dont have a q-bank, but on the other hand the EOCs are pretty tough and I still have my schweser practice exams from last year, even if the material has changed just a bit.

I’ll be sitting for level II for this first time this June so take my comments with a grain of salt. Your strategy seems to have a great foundation. I’ll write out my own study plan for you to compare. I plan to do a full read of the material while creating my own study guide and completing the EOC questions as I progress. At the very end of reading the CFAI material, I plan to rework all of the EOC questions and condense my long study guide into a shorter 20-30 page version. During the last month and a half I’ll be reviewing my condensed study guide in addition to secret sauce from schweser, reworking EOC questions, completing mock exams, and memorizing formulas that use the word “Calculate” in the LOS descriptions. Best of luck to us both this June!

Wow, you guys sure are starting early… Good luck and all that.

I could be wrong here friends, but this works for me from childhood. 1. While starting a topic, I go through online videos (the short ones by my all time favourite David Harper and then some Allen resources videos online). 2. Go back and now read CFAI material and “get dirty”. Note down all important points on the CFAI and underline the ones you need to remember. 3. Prepare formulae chart if it requires. 4. Go to finquiz/analystnotes and solve problems on the topic apart from CFAI EOC problems. I am trying finquiz the first time and am not too disappointed. But I love analystnotes as well. Any suggestions anybody?

@sooray great plan… i heard analystnotes is great but not too many questions/exams for practice. I see you are using Stalla this time. Im using schweser and waiting for the notes to begin studying.