My portfolio down 30%.

Do I have the worst of luck?

Mine is worse. Much worse. Hopefully in 40 years when I retire it will be back up to par.

KCIN, I knew Crew would drop another 10%… err…20%. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lately it seems like every time I buy something, the company comes out with a neutral or slightly negative press release that sends the share price down 50%. Can’t help but laugh…then cry.

-21% and drowning as I write…

stupid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do I have the worst of luck? No. Down 37% right now. Slightly leveraged position as well.

leveraged, and buying at every 20% dip in 19 days at the current rate, the S&P500 will reach zero, and i will buy the whole economy for 99 cents.

rohufish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > leveraged, and buying at every 20% dip > > in 19 days at the current rate, the S&P500 will > reach zero, and i will buy the whole economy for > 99 cents. you may not have 99 cents after the margin calls

There is cash on the sidelines somewhere, right? I mean, even if no one has cash, there are plenty of people plowing 401K dollars into the market. Seems like sooner or later there has to be a really firm support price.

B w a h h a h h a h … you vaunt zee cash… keeep lowering zee price. Bwah hah hah hah hah!

stupid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do I have the worst of luck? considering current conditions this comment is bordering on appearing sarcastically obnoxious. Sad as it seems, you’ve got the market beat NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX: -35% DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE INDEX: -30% S&P 500 INDEX: -33.5%

So depressing.

I’ve been saying this word for the past week : FUACK!!!

if you lose more then 50% in a 6 month period, do you have to give back your charter?

Down 19% and going down as i type. I am sure no body is as stupid as me, cuz i didnt raise any cash in a year. 100% in equities !!!

I was at -29% at some point this morning, now only -26%. What a ride! It’s an expensive lesson, but I am learning a lot here. One is that my broker is a good friend, and I trust him not to deliberately screw me, but even though he’s been in the business 20 years, I suspect I know how to manage my portfolio better than him (other than transaction oriented details); I should listen to his ideas, but trust myself more on the investment decision. I switched from one horse to another; what I didn’t look at was that it changed my portfolio beta substantially, and because of transaction costs, I didn’t bother to rebalance my market short. Also, my market short is up about 90% right now, which sounds great, except that the short is now a tiny percent of my portfolio and needs to be rebalanced. Again, transaction costs make this a pain in the butt. I now see an additional advantage of the inverse ETF vs. shorting a regular index ETF - fewer rebalancing issues, particularly if you don’t have other shorts in your fund. Because of volatility drag, I’ve decided no more Ultralongs and Ultrashorts for me, though I haven’t closed out my existing Ultra-position.

bchadwick, Will you move all your money to cash/fixed income now?

I’m thinking of buying a short ETF like SH to neutralize that extra beta, maybe even have negative beta on my portfolio. As for cash, I might move up to 50% into cash. The worry is locking in a loss near the the bottom. Buying protective puts might be a better alternative - but the premia must be obscene right now.

There’s no free lunch in any of that stuff… you can play with beta and hedges all you want. IF you hedge your doubling your risk if your analysis is wrong. Beta is not your enemy when the market is already down 35%… beta is your friend!