My Precious!!!!! Amazon is Amazin

“On Monday it made waves in the entertainment world with the purchase of global television rights to “The Lord of the Rings,” planning a multi-season series to draw more viewers to Prime.”

Laughed when i read this: Inc (AMZN.O) has scrapped plans to launch an online streaming service bundling popular U.S. broadcast and cable networks because it believes it cannot make enough money on such a service, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

I literally was explaining this to someone that this needs to be a series the other day. The other series that is a natural is star wars. Amazon made it clear they wanted a game of Thrones blockbuster. Great move Bezos, this series can be amazing

LOTR does not have the same appeal as GOT. GOT is pretty much a soap opera set in fantasy world. LOTR is your teen fantasy with some sprinkles of religion

Now, if they would make a series of Mistborn… daaaaamn. I should pitch that idea

Have you read the books? I haven’t, but my impression is there is enough there to make a soap opera. Part of it depends on how much closely they have to stick to the stories. I’m not saying it’ll be as good as GOT, but it has the potential

I was really hoping HBO would pick it up so we could see a Bombadil/Goldberry sex scene.

“Oh dilly-doh. This phallus goes in her hole.”

Writes itself…