My Progress and looking for study suggestions moving forward

Thanks for your input, especially those who are done with level one and still pay attention to this board.

I’m on my last book starting this week. I’ve read them in order, have taken all EOC exams being diligent to understand why I got quesitons right or wrong, and have made note cards for all the learning objectives writing down key points and formulas.

At a recent CFA kickoff, I was told that doing Ethics last was important. I wish it would have come last in order! I feel like even though I did great on the practice questions I’ll need to spend some good time reviewing that as it’s weighted heavily.

My plan going forward,…subject to change with some good feeback: Finish final book, continue with note cards (almost a goal in itself now). Review all note cards on a few plane rides in the next few weeks. Take the CFA institute Mock exam on the 21st of April, pinpoint week areas and focus on them almost exclusively (assuming they are not all weak areas…). I’ll take the Boston CFA mock exam on the 12th of May and apply the same strategy.

Question: Will two mock exams be enough? I’ve done more studying and reading on this course than any other designation by a long shot (at least condensed). In the past I’ve relied on Mock Exams more heavily. Outside of those two Mock exams mentioned, what are the next best options?

The vast volume of material is got my brain on overload. At this point I’d be able to pass an exam at a general level, but recalling specifics is going to be tough. I’ve got a month and a half or so to take it to the next level. (pun intended).

Background, 15 years out of undergrad in Finance, CFP, 7, 63,24, life and health, and 15 years experience as ‘investment advisor’. Oh, and hobby used to be golf, now studying and spending time with family (wife, two 2.5 year old boys, and one on the way).


im a lvl2 candidate and im impressed with anyone that passed any of the levels without purchasing a question bank/notes…

the problem with ethics is that the EOC questions + sample/mocks are really not enough to give you an idea of all the possible angles they will throw at you… find a way to get some of the old samples/mocks and go over as many questions as possible.

whatever computation is tricky for you right now… make sure that by exam day… it becomes a gimme question

Thanks dvictr, it sounds like you are highly recommending using some sort of Qbank. I appreciate the feedback. What QBank worked well for you?