My scores are spiralling down

3 weeks back I took the CFAI sample exam 1 and scored 72%. There were still a few topics left which I hadn’t covered back then so I was feeling quite good about the score. Then work quite busy plus I wasn’t feeling well for a few days and didn’t really study that much over the past 2 weeks. And now I am scoring 55-%60 on Qbank questions on most topics. I read the question and I feel, yups i know this and then I don’t get the right answer because of some stupid mistake or because I got the formula the other way. I went thru the schweser material fairly quickly (only once) and seems like didn’t retain a fair bit now that I am doing questions. I guess I should get back to the material for a super quick read. Anybody else having the same problem… Looks like I am headed for the big F. Although I must say that i think that CFAI sample exam questions though harder are more conceptual in nature and plain old logic with some luck does seem to work. The Qbank questions are more on the numerical or straight pull out of the memory types side.

I just took the CFAI sample exam 3 and scored 75%. Whereas I am still bombing (~ 60%) on advanced Qbank questions. For people who have taken the actual exam before…are the CFAI sample exams set to the same level of difficulty as the actual exam. I have a feeling, we might be in for a surprise.

BTW… i failed ethics 68.5%, failed FSA 63.4% on which I have been concetrating the most and got a 100% on econ where I put in the least effort. I better start praying…cause luck seems to play a fair bit of role in this exam.

I’m feeling the same way, averaged 70-low 80’s in schweser book 6 and then did book 7 exam 1 am and got a 78 feeling good then bombed the PM session with a 61 - confidence crusher!!! Double majored finance/eco and got like 30% correct on the eco section lol great