My search for art to put in my apartment hasn't gone well

When I came across this, I decided to call it a day…

Oh FFS Ohai! … describe your favorite current piece. I can help.

i know this guy - he’s my uncle.

Great, I’m getting weird advertisements for cat art in my browser.


I have to admire the guy’s confidence though, in asking for over $100 for that.

How about this … you give me $200 and I will do some custom art of that dog of yours.

You’re welcome :wink:

Actually, I was thinking of commissioning some stuff. If you’re good, I don’t mind paying.

Here is whay you gotta do :bulb:

Put on a competition for art of your dog. Then you will get tons of custom dog pictures for free! Just pay for the winner.

Painting/ drawing is something I do… but I am 95% sure you would not like my work :neutral_face:

[video: width:300 height:300]



lol. steve ballmer still crazy! CLIPPER MANIA!!

You should go to provincetown for a day and wander around and check out all the art they have there. Just be wary after dark, particularly behind the bars.

What kind of art are you in to, ohai?

Have you considered matadors on black velvet?

Or Elvis on velvet?

Or Elvis in velvet on velvet?

Image result for what is this velvet gif