my story

I am 1 of the 2014 graduating students at my ubiversity that was choesen to be interviewed on video and be placed on youtube because of my story and I thought i would share it with you watch it and like it if you do and tell me what you think


u should tell ppl to start the video at the 40 second mark

There were 2,014 students chosen for a video interview? Doesn’t sound very exclusive to me…

differint years and categories

i was 1 of 6 in my category (outstanding graduating students) which is about 1% 2014 graduating class was chosen

i agree that would be more flatering of me but first this is about the university then me 2nd thing in the first part can be missunderstood

like the first part when I said “My accomplesments are great” it can be interpretid as arrogance but i was in the middle of a statment basicly “some say my acomplesments are great but i know it is possible for anyone if they have the determination i had an the doctors i had” however they had to cut it short for the time limit.

also when I say 6 and a half years I was going part time for 2 and a half and my second major in econ was cutshort as i jumped right in the MBA program. but its about the university experiance not me.

what a hater…cvm is right

Hello, Connor. Since you asked us to say what we think - it is great that you made it through school while facing these medical difficulties. However, I wish the video had focused more on these “great accomplishments” that were beyond what were expected of most students. Despite the health issues that you overcame, I doubt that you define yourself as just some guy who was sick. To over simplify yourself this way does an injustice to your actual achievements, as well as what you hope to achieve in the future.

thanks for the kind words in the actual interview we talked more about my challenges and i would like for them to have included more of that but at the same time i understand they have to make it about the school I have am going to ask them for the full interview and edit it myself and create my own version.

I dont like to toot my own horn but i have always wanted to inspier others to do great things and hoped this video would but if it takes me to do that then toot toot. a famous bass player named victor whootan had a good quote where he said if people put you on a pedistal dont come down and act all humbie but rather pull others up and i want to do that but i am a humble guy.

I wouldn’t reveal my real name around these parts.

Congratulations on graduating and persevering in the face of some pretty big challenges. I enjoyed the video.

Congrats! Great story and great video


the sense I got from this brief video was that you have a great story, but either you or the video’s editors were too cowardly to show it.

I found the video cheesy, trite, and reliant on cliches. Overall there was a complete lack of energy and passion (which might be muted by your medical condition, I don’t know)

The video would have been much stronger if you had:

  1. explained why you went to Bellarmine and what unique things you learned there that you wouldn’t have learned elsewhere

  2. been specific about what you wanted to do with your newfound graduate degree

  3. The video explained your medical obstacle; I think it might have helped if you had explained what you did to work around it.

What I don’t want people to think when they see your video is “O_kay, so I’m seeing a country bumpkin here who happened to be sick. So what? I see no reason why I should hire him or send my teenager to that college_”

in the interview I answered those questions and you can see small parts of my answers in the video.

  1. Was the teachers and how they made an effort to help me during school and my career and so on

  2. We talked about analyst jobs or open my own buisness (idk why they didn’t include this.

  3. When I started talking about my tenacity and aditude in how I approched my illness. When I was talking about TR I was talking about that.

but the big thing was they wanted to make it short and had to cut allot out which I understand but it would have been nice for it to show more.

still an ok vid though