My Stretgy at this stage and yours ???

Tomorrow I will complete ethics related questions from question bank(have completed eco n quant ) by the end of this weekend will try to finish remaining question (except FSA) In remaining 3-5 days of this month will try to finish FSA related questions after that will do practice exam at actual time on ten days on remaining days of May will revise these papers and go thru schweser notes CFA Exam (60 question set - 2 day ) schweser vol 1 (3 set- in 3 day) CFA Exam (2 set - on 1 day ) schweser vol 2 (3 set- on 3 day) schweser online (3 set- on 3 day) revise all formulae thats it wish me luck for completing this executing this stretgy whats your stretgy at this share we may learn something from yours

I’ll be done with about 3000 Qbank by the time May 1st hits. I was planning on doing Vol 1 tests spread out equally in May, supplementing with review, finishing up qbank, etc. Is it worth it to take some time to do Vol 2? Also, should I save one last Vol 1 exam for just a few days before? Or should I do that last one maybe 1.5 weeks out and use the rest of the time for review?