My Study Plan

I started studying about six weeks ago and just made it through the first reading in FRA. I’m hoping to finish reading all the material two months before the exam so I can focus on mock exams and practice questions.

My study plans looks like this:

  1. Do the Schweser reading, watch video from Schweser if one available

  2. Read review in back of Schweser notes and CFAI text

  3. Go through blue box examples in CFAI text

  4. Do the premade Qbank on Scwheser webpage

  5. Do the EOC questions in CFAI text

  6. If I have difficulties read CFAI text or watch MM video

  7. Repeat till curriculum done

Hoping to get done with this in April to give myself two solid months to focus on questions. I hear that Mark and Konvexity have good mocks and Konvexity also has a QBank. This can be added to doing Schweser mocks. If someone can comment on Konvexity and MM’s stuff, I would appreciate it.

One other thing I’m thinking about it also using CFAI text instead of Schweser text for derivatives and pm. Any comments on that?


Having a plan is always easy but implementing it is something else. Im sure if you follow through on the plan you will make it.

Don’t waste your time with any of this. Just use the online CFAI question bank.

You should pivot to - Nathan is a far superior teacher to Mark. You do know Mark doesn’t actually have a charter right?

Also, you need to add mock exams to your list. At least 10 of them. Anything less than 10 full length timed mock exams is ill preparing you for exam day.

Come on CEO10K I have a kind of respect for you. Please!! Anyway, I used MM videos for all three levels and passed on the first try. So, The X factor is YOU.

This is great motivation. So if I may ask - MM videos, EOCqs and CFAI test bank?

Well, for L2 I mainly used MM videos + Schweser notes + EOCqs + Blue Boxes from the curriculum + CFA Mocks. Anyway, if you have enough time, reading from the curriculum would be great as well as CFAI test bank. Just my two cents.

Hit it hard my friend, you will make yourself proud when you get the results with flying colors. Wish you the best. :wink:

MM doesn’t have the charter. I’m not going to listen to a guy tell me how to make lemonade who hasn’t ever made lemonade before himself.

What about cognac?

Apparently :wink:

Here’s the thing. Either one (MM or the chalkboard dude) will get the job done. The only question is, are you willing to put in the effort?

Do the video before the reading.

Okay thank you.

What are you suggestions on sourcing mock exams?

That’s an ignorant thing to say. MM is one of the best CFA tutors out there.