My Study Planner

With the level III behind me, thought I may as well share the file I used to track my progress and keep a sense of urgency about the multi-month process and not get too frustrated when work would push around my study schedule. I analyzed this sheet every day, and I found this to be a good tool to think through an approach and track progress. I failed level III once, which is the CFA Level III - 2013 tab. I was totally distracted closer to the exam in 2013, which is why . Starting early is pointless by the way…

Random tips:

  1. I would definetly compare the new material added and what was dropped Y/Y, and focus on the new material towards the exam as it will certainly be covered.

  2. Track what you find difficult, which is what that heat map of colors indicates.

  3. The last month should basically be entirely exams and targeted reviews (I used QBanks as a review tool - worked well to prepare me this year - I did not use it in my first attempt).

  4. Look at the material as ~18 study sessions (SS), not 300 LOS’s, which is the way some people look at it and get frustrated. Though I would acknoledge that reading the LOS description can tell you whether you need to care about a crazy formula or just understand how it’s applied.

  5. Group LOS’s together.

  6. Finquiz is pretty decent for refrence materials and articles. I used Passmax for level II which was helpful but useless for Level III (which is also partly why I failed, as I put my fate entirely in the programs hands -durr).

  7. An approach I found useful was to make notes on printed copies of the Scweiser end of study-session summaries, but read from the CFAI books. I only did one round of the CFAI questions, which I didnt really find helpful for studying for the test (gasp).

You can download it here: