My Take On CFA level 2.

Started with CFAI books in November, and didnt find them good(also I didnt understand much). By Mid November, I dumped my CFAI books and started with Schweser. I read the whole scheweser material twice and did not do any questions. It took me 4 months to complete the two rounds of Schweser. During the second read, I was making notes so that I dont have to go over the books again. In April I started CFAI questions and was revising two readings every day from my notes. Note that I did not do a single schweser eocqs. By mid may, I was almost done with all readings and eocqs. Fifteen days before the exam I did my first half CFA mock and scored 66%(my first and my last l2 mock). I re read my notes twice in the last 15 days and was trying to memorize the formulas and important concepts. I didnt pass level 2 with flying colors but still I was able to clear it on my very first attempt.

Also note, I did not touch Ethics at all, and thats the reason I got below 50 in ethics.

Congratulations for passing L2. I think you were lucky to pass and I would probably advise all others to do more problems, CFAI questions and mocks and review the ethics portion. See you in the L3 forum. Cheers, IWP

I see…cool story bro :wink:

Why would anyone “not touch Ethics at all”? It’s like 10% of the exam.

Well there were plenty of topics floating around here about people punting the smaller weighted topics and based on some of the score matrices I saw in the band fails… well it showed that’s not advisible. I saw people who cleared 70 on FRA and Equity and still fail. And like you said, Ethics is a medium weighted topic.

Protip: points are points. Try to know everything.

Thanks… Yes, It was my mistake that I didnt touch Ethics at all and I had no idea that I would fail Ethics, but due to the shortage of time I thought It would be much better to spend time on FRA & Equity. In level 1 I clocked around 600+ hours and in level 2 I hardly clocked 400 hours. My L1 & L2 results are shown below :slight_smile:

L1 >70 in all expect Quant(50-70)

L2 >70 corp, derv, quant, fra, equity.

50-70 alt & fixed income

<50 eco, ethics, pm.

Good luck everyone!!