My thoughts at this point

Still have to review portfolio management (having only gone through it once about a month ago, and though pretty thoroughly at that point, I’m sure I couldn’t go any better than 1/ 6 on a TB question right now). All other topics reviewed at least twice (more in the case of Equities and FSA). I’m nowhere near as prepared as last year. Haven’t touched a mock or Book 6 exam yet because I know I’ve needed to do full reviews of all areas still. I did take many of the 2006 CFAI exam questions as I went through the original material so I know what I’m up against. Going to bang a sample exam out this afternoon before I even touch PM just because I have to hit one or two samples soon if I want to have some time to do something about the results. I’ve got a class I’m taking tomorrow from 9AM - 12 but no work tomorrow or Friday (or next week either for that matter, but that’s another story. Two key attributes for passing this thing are being smart and being prepared. I’m going to have to settle for just one of these this year and hope I get a little lucky.

Plyon, if you nail FSA, Equity and Ethics with 85% or so I’m quite bullish on you for the rest. You can work your way to 50% on those and still pass. After your domination of L1 last year I expected nothing but another pass from you.

Thanks, mc… gotta get it done. Bailed on the mock exam because I think I can bang out PM review in under two hours and still do one exam later tonight (if the wife doesn’t throw my three year old at me, that is). Agreed the key is to nail all those sections. FSA goal is actually 90% for me – been hearing that it’s been pretty easy and I’m definitely over-prepared. That should help alot.