My thoughts on Schweser book exams vol.1/2. Yours?

So my feeling after taking 3 parts in vol 1…ok for refreshers but a huge time commitment. 1. questions are very detailed and not formatted to the actual exam. Kaplan has a tendency to do this, maybe on purpose. 2. i doubt you can finish each test in 3 hours with the amount of calculation they require 4. someone i know who took level 1 said he was doing 60’s in these and passed your thoughts on this (particularly on #4)? what else either than mock/samples will you use for review?

I thought JDV’s post below was interesting. As far as Book 6 goes, I think it varies wildly. I’ve heard of people scoring in the 50’s just a few days before the exam and passing and I’ve also heard of people scoring well above 70 and failing. Re: Passing Score Posted by: JoeyDVivre (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: May 4, 2008 07:01AM Neither - but based on previous exam scores posted and a variety of inferences it seems very likely that the passing score on the actual exam is somewhere around 65%. If you can get some comfortable margin above that on CFA mock exams, the chances of your passing the actual exam are really high. CFA Mock exam score; JDV’s prob of you passing > 85%; 100% > 80%; 98% > 75%; 85% > 70%; 70% > 65%; 50% > 60%; 35% > 55%; 20% > 50%; 10% < 50%; sleep in on 6/7