My two cents on studying

Good Afternoon, I am one of those candidates that reads all of the helpful posts but never contributes. However, I thought I would share a studying practice that I use to see if it could possibly help someone else. Instead of taking entire tests and trying to review all of the questions you go wrong and trying to remember which ones were educated guesses and review those too, you may want to try the following. -I simply put any answer for the entire third exam (volume 1) so that I can get a copy of all the right answers (don’t worry, any score under 36% does not go into the avg and they were all under). I printed them and stuck them in a binder. - next, I made simple spread sheet on Ex. with 20 boxes and labels for each box (i.e Ethics) -This way, instead of doing an entire test, I simply do the exam like questions for the topic(s) I have scheduled for that day. This way, I do four vigs. max and can fully review the questions I got wrong and the ones I guessed on. -I started this about 2.5 weeks ago and come test time, that will approx. 360 (three exams) plus 96 (06’) like questions. Anyways, I am happy if this helps one other sleep deprived candidate. Good luck.

good call… and welcome

Or you could just select the option that gives you all of the detailed answers right off the hop and not have to click ‘A’ 120 times.

Let me make sure I understand your technique: 1) You’re printing out the detailed answers with explanations from Schweser online, 2) Then using excel to categorizing them based on study session / topic, 3) then after you review a topic, you only do the questions which pertain to that topic. Is that right?

Yes; excel may be an extra step but it helped me reference one page instead of flipping through the morning and afternoon sessions of each exam to see which topics were covered.

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Thanks mingo54 Your technique is actually very helpful because one problem with QBank is that most of it is not in vignette format. So your approach solves that deficiency. Plus between all the Schweser, CFAI and BSAS exams, there are almost too many practice exams. I can’t possibly sit down and take all the exams, especially when I’ve still got weak points I’m trying to cover. This technique lets you incorporate the practice exams’ vignette format into your studying. Sweet!