My wife is due in April, any advice on handling this life event?

I have already signed up for CFA III and now have twins due on April 21st. My wife and I are going over options on what to do that range from stopping CFA program for a few years to strategies to pass it so I will not have to spend time on CFA ever again. My wife is very supportive and for the time being, prefers I (attempt to) pass the exam now so I have more time when the kids are older. Assuming that I continue the program and attempt to pass level 3, do people have any advise on how to handle life events like this? Has anybody gone through this before?

Assuming I am going for it, my game plan is below .

* Start studying after Thanksgiving (as opposed to beginning of January)

* Finish material first time through first week of April ( as opposed to mid April)

* Be on flash cards, practice questions from that point on so I can easily study between feeds/during sleepless nights/on bus/ during free time.

* My inlaws have offered to stay with my wife the week of the exam and I would stay at their place (nearby) so I can study but more importantly sleep.

Does anybody have any advise, besides that it is hopeless?

Thank you,

Should have gotten CFA charterholder as a wife, that’s what I would do.

Haven’t gone through it, but I would start studying like right now, dont wait till thanksgiving, that is way too late. October is the best time to start. It sounds very doable if you get a good amount of studying done by January.


you can always ask them to skip this year and do it next year

them = cfai

My (future) wife is due next August – to enter the world, that is.


Congrats on the twins. Just to give you some motivation, my old boss, was an investment banker working like 80 hrs plus, just bought a new house, and his wife was due with their first born. She went into labor on exam day so he dropped her off at the hospital, headed to the exam center, knocked out the a.m, met the baby during the break, and went back for the p.m. Passed!


I would recommend taking a real practice test in person. The writing portion is very unique and the practice exam calmed some of my nerves on the real test day. I took Schweser in-person. Elan was supposed to have a L3 curriculum/etc too, but they got bought by Wiley and im not sure where that stands now.

i also found making acronyms helped tremendously. The L3 books are not as long as 1 or 2 but I found the exam to be very difficult since there are so many lists to memorize.

Best of luck and I hope the above tips were helpful.

Congratulations! You all is a lucky family. :slight_smile: I suppose that children will sleep most of time. My child slept 20 hours/day that period. I was free. Why I didn’t prepare for the CFA exam? :slight_smile:

Get the exam done now. Studying with a 2 month old is way easier than a 2 year old. 2 month olds sleep 95% of the time and are latched onto a boob the other 5%.

20 hours? huuh. We were lucky to get 13-15

My daughter slept about 16-18 hours a day…as long as I was holding her and walking around the house. She wouldn’t sleep in a crib, and she wouldn’t sleep while I was sitting. I had to be holding her and walking around the house.

Good luck studying while holding your daughter and walking around the house.

Almost sounds too good to be true.


Do this world a favor.


i vote kuro become the first to try out the hacksaw, as doing so would be a service to humanity

I am seriously impressed by that. Thank you for the motivation.

I have taken the live Schweser class and mock for level 1 & 2 and plan to do that again. Thank you for the support.

It’s not hopeless. Start studying now and stick to your plan.