my wife just said she thinks im addicted to this website

she says she sees me on here all the time and thinks im addicted…lol

Addiction or Motivation. What would be the right word? Well for me…I just passed L1 and now trying to give enough time to my wife which I have not been able to do for more than 6 mnths. So a balance would be better as of now… and after you are back to studies, you would not have time for your family once again… But that’s a motivation. But good to have the balance for now. I suppose you are waiting for your L2 results. All the best for your results. Hope all here do Pass.

nah actually. that is my first post on two forum. ha haa, just passed one. perhaps i should have introduced myself. i luckily can get up early and study 2-3 hours before work so dont miss too much of the wife. (we have no kids). best of luck to all the level twoers!! i found that taking the results day off and talking with mr. crown the night before assured that i would have no problems sleeping or getting up too early to where i have to wait for the results in the morning. also some online poker (which i typically dont play) that night to really try to get my mind away from the exam. dont ask me how much the combo cost me though…

Did you really win that Poker game? And how much did you win… If you won, you were lucky in both - game and results. If you lost, you’d be more happy, that you won the right one…ha ha.

lol… yeah i lost. thats what i meant by don’t ask

Express Addiction to this site is much better than addiction to porn/poker sights…ha ha

you need a “wife key” (like a "boss key"at work) - why not put up a porn jpeg as the “wife key” so you hit it whenever she comes near - that way she’ll think you’re still normal…

SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > she says she sees me on here all the time and > thinks im addicted…lol I can definitely identify with that.

My wife calls AF site a porn site. My wife --> “Are you surfing that CFA porn again !!! its time to eat dinner !!!” At least, I’ve passed L1 on a 1st try thanks to my wife’s FULL support !!!

if you had to come and post what your wife told you on a message board, then maybe you are addicted

SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > she says she sees me on here all the time and > thinks im addicted…lol Better this than gambling… or heroin.,.

yeah, if I had a nickle for everytime someone said I was addicted to a porn…err…website, I wouldn’t have to do the cfa.

You know, at the Chicago meet up, I was wondering why your iphone was so sticky…

i def am on this site at least 20 x a day. part of it is humor – i get a kick out of a lot of these posts.

AFJunkie, that had more to do with the hottie I ran into outside “Ram me in the @ss”, I mean Tom Sawyers or whatever the night before.

It was called “The Cell Block” and its on Halsted and Broadway in Boystown. Good to hear you liked it in there. And hey, what you consider a “hottie” is your buisness. :stuck_out_tongue: