N. of questions (QBank)

Hey all!

It’s advisable to do as many questions as possible on top of mock exams, but time is limited.

I was wondering: how many questions did you already answer? How many do you plan to answer?

Any suggestions or experiences?



I started studying in mid-december. Finished readings in early April. Have been doing QBank questions almost everyday since, have done about 2,000. I realize the Qbank questions are not similar to the vignette style exam questions, but they have served as a great concept refresher. I am going to start doing practice exams and mocks this weekend. I also consider myself an “early starter” but personally thats what I feel I need to do to pass the test. Iknow others who didn’t start studying until February or March. It really depends on what is best for you.

I’m about in the same situation as Hope2Help. I started in November, took a break in December and finished up my first pass of study a couple weeks ago. I’ve done about 2,000 so far and expect to do probably 3-4 thousand before I’m done.

I agree that qbank is great for concept review and drilling. I usually set the options to show the answer and progress as I go, so it’s like I’m reviewing on every question. I also set the “include incorrect answers” so it will keep asking me questions I got wrong previously.

Here’s my plan. I’m going to wrap up the “Review” part this week and move on to practice exams next week.

Get through all chapters:

  1. Read Schweser chapters watch Schweser videos and do all Schweser end of chapter questions

  2. After completing a section, do a few qbank tests of 30-50 questions

  3. Try to do a cumulative test once a week of 60 qbank questions of all topics I’ve completed so far.


  1. Do qbank one section at a time, 50 or so problems to refresh my memory

  2. Watch videos again only for sections I’m having trouble with

  3. Start reviewing flashcards on the bus to/from work for about 30min per day

  4. Do a cumulative test every day of at least 30 questions with all the topics I’ve reviewed so far

  5. Repeat until I’ve had a chance to hit every topic again. Not spending much time on them, 1-2 days per section tops, not reviewing some if I already have it down.

Practice Tests:

  1. Take practice test

  2. Review videos, qbank or Schweser end of chapter as needed in lowest scoring areas, taking into account Equity and FSA are relatively more important, and Quant and Econ are relatively less.

  3. Keep reviewing flashcards and memorize formulas on the bus

  4. Repeat for as many practice tests as I have time for. I’m hoping to do at least 3 Schweser and the 1 CFA mock. I’ll do as many as I have time for.

Take CFA test:

  1. Kick ass and pass!