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I wouldn’t post stuff like that here. You never know who’s looking. Some guy got his interview canceled a few weeks back because he posted the interviewer’s last name on the forum.

Your buddy was probably interviewing right before you. Sucks.


Was it not possible to pick up the phone, let them know that you’re not in a place where you could take it due to an extenuating circumstance, and offer to reschedule? Unless I misnuderstand the situation, it sounds like this would still be better than just letting the phone ring with no response.


I would just take the phone call on the desk, and loudly discuss expectations for compensation and hotness of administrative assistants in that firm.

Anyway… too bad it turned out like that. Definitely call them back asap, apologize profusely and see if they can reschedule.

How about writing them (replying to the email with phone interview) ? State your reason for missing and request to reschedule.


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