Name Mismatch

I just realized that my name on my passport is John William Smith, which is also the name I registered for Level I under. The issue is that the actual spelling of my name is John Williams Smith. This late in the game I’m not sure I have time to get a new passport. Will there be an issue? I don’t anticipate being told no to taking the exam in June, but, moving forward, will I have an issue changing my name prior to taking the next exam?

Looking for any information - ideally someone who has been through the same situation.

Don’t speculate.


Do what hashtag says or;

Get ur registered name changed to match ur passport. Can always get it changed back next yr.

It essential to have the name on passport and registration matching exactly… any difference and you’re not getting in!! period!

They’re vert strict about that. The chances of them allowing you to take the test are about 0. Sorry man, read the directions next time.


Good God, please not another “hashtagger”…

L3 blokes calling the shots around here now?