Name problem on examination ticket..please help..

helo guyzz… help me im in a problem…

I just downloaded my admission ticket for CFA level 1 Exam to be conducted on 1st December, 2012 and i was reviewing my examination ticket and i found out that my name on the passport and exam ticket do not match. My name in the examination ticket is as follows :- Surname - shakespeare Given name(s) - william But the name on my Passport is as follows :- Surname - Given name(s) - william shakespeare help me… frnds wut to do now… i have mailed the cfa institute my exact problem and a scanned copy of my passport and requested them a name change… what to do now please help. EDIT - i called cfa institute , they said dont worry i will still be able to sit for the examination… this is not a big deal… but for peace of mind submit a name change request… help guyz wut to do ?? *PEACE*

Yes, it is not a big deal as it happens quite often.

@eddiechen… so do iget it changed or do i not?? has anybody else faced a similar problem.?? *PEACE*

you have to ask an internet board as to what to do after the source (CFA Institute tells you to “i called cfa institute , they said dont worry i will still be able to sit for the examination… this is not a big deal… but for peace of mind submit a name change request…”

why can’t you follow instructions?

@cpk123… i can follow instructions as given to me by the institute… i just wanna get others opinions as to whether they have aslo faced any similar problems… just want to make sure i am 100% eligible… i dont want any doubt… *PEACE*

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@alladin … *PEACE* may be overvalued… but this is wut will prevail in the end… u seen to be a great valuation expert … :slight_smile: @eddiechan… peace wont fall in value … good luck with the profits… no offence guyz. *PEACE*

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  1. You have a problem you have seen on your hall ticket

  2. you need it to be resolved before the exam in another month or so time.

  3. only cfa institute can solve your problem.

so do what they (CFAI) tell you, regardless of what others may tell you. Only CFAI can resolve this issue.

do not live up to your monicker on AF (of being a freeky guy and miss the exam or be not allowed to write the exam because of that discrepancy).

Get in touch with CFAI. If it is not a problem get it from them in writing. Print out that email and take it with you to the exam centre.

^ I don’t believe he is allowed to bring it to the exam center. Keep it in your bag closeby, but don’t bring it inside.

@formertrader and itsonlikedonkeykong…i just called up the Institute. they said that its not a problem as these kind of variations are allowed… need not to worry…just make sure that ur name on the passport comes fully on the admit card… also i have my whole name in the given name colum in the passport and the surname column in blank… but if i remeber correctly a candidate cant leave the surname column blank while filling up the CFA form online…

frnd, i thnk u r in dp sht

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@sniper … naa i dont think so… i got a mail from them … they said its absolutely fine… go ahead for the exam…

You should bring the email to the exam. Who know the protector will think otherwise on that day.

But don’t bring it in the exam center. You are not allowed to bring any paper other than the exam ticket.