Name the Actor - No Cheating

I saw the trailer on FB; I won’t ruin it for anybody.

Even knowing who he is, I have a hard time seeing it.

I really don’t know, but I heard Christian Bale is doing a massive transformation to play Churchill so that’s who I’ll go with.

Edit: He’s playing Dick Cheney. Not him.

Katy Perry, right?

I’ll be “Frank,” “Under” all that makeup, “Wood” anyone notice this great actor?

holy cow,wouldn’t have guessed ^ in a million years

Being President really does make a person age quicker.

Bingo. I can see a little bit in the eyes, but that’s with already knowing who it is and still hard to see.

Saw that too. Not quite sure why they chose Bale for Cheney. Sure he’ll do a great job, but still a little odd.

i thought it was robert de niro. house of cards is a great show. house of saddam is another great show. also full house.

Before seeing the comments I guessed Spacey.

I guessed Spacey before the thread was created.

Are you a psychic?

Yes. Your great great grandmother says hello.

I have 8 of them. Which one?