Who would win?

Depends what your definition of winning means, but if it came down to it NA NA would get the last word in and tell her “Good Luck” LOL

Don’t forget the :slight_smile:

Let’s make every effort to scare the girls away.

I swear I’m the only nonvirgin on this fuggin board…

Damn. I couldn’t make the list

Yep…OP wants attention from krnyc and NANA looks like.

Yeah, who gets the Kuril Islands?

Threesome time.

You’re not putting in the same effort.

This is not necessarily a bad thing

krnyc is Russian, so she will not hesitate to stick you with a broken bottle. However, Nana is Japanese, which I assume means she has the power to summon tentacles or something.

He is right.

Way to stereotype Ohai! You were portrayed as a level headed one.

I like Russian women. They like me too. And also Czech and Ukrainian. We always get along, have a great time, and take nothing serious…

I think krnyc can probably wield knives pretty well…but I bet NANA knows kung fu and sh*t.

F*kk - krnyc2008

Marry - NANA

Kill - that other chick


wtf is this thread… lol