Ive been asked to consider a portfolio data analyst position for this firm. Anyone know anything about these folks? Any comments are welcome GenY

It’s French

great info

Natixis Formerly known as Natexis Banques Populaires. The Group’s principal activities are divided into the following sectors: Financing and Investment Banking, Asset Management, Capital Investment & Private Banking Facilities, Services and Receivables Management. Corporate and Investment Banking provides clients with solutions encompassing loans, structured finance, capital market, cash management products, leasing, securitization, advisory services and financial engineering. Asset Management division provides global, personalized investment solutions in the form of funds, dedicated products and mandates on all asset classes. Private Equity and Private Banking houses a collection of activities displaying similarities in terms of customers, organization and professional practices. Services are provided in the insurance, surities and consumer finance section. Receivable management assists companies in managing, protecting and financing their customer receivables. The Group operates in Europe and North America.

Natixis was actually formed by the merger of Natexis (described above) and IXIS Capital Markets. What city are you looking at? In NY they have 3 offices: Natixis branch (typical foreign bank) Natixis Capital Markets (fixed income capital markets) Natixis Bleichroeder (equities)