Nature Programs

Do you yanks know of a guy called David Attenborough? I wonder how famous he is over the pond.

Anyway, he has a nature program out called ‘The Hunt’ which shows some epic animals, Polar bear, tiger, lions, some amazonian ants, bears, blue whales, all hunting. It is seriously good tv and likey to win numerous awards! If you’re interested in animals I would definately recommend watching it.

It got me thinking. Am i missing out on any other world class nature documentaries out there from America?

Man vs. Beast - it is the ultimate showcase of the contest between men and beasts.

Yes, I have heard of david Attenborough. Have you seen this one?

Me & the gf watch basically anything with Attenborough. He is THE MAN.Love that you can really tell how passionate he is about his work, a good man. Ill keep a look out for The Hunt, it seems his stuff pops up on Netflix pretty regularly.

Most of the good American Nature docs are just rehashed footage from planet Earth/Blue Planet/Frozen Planet with another person speaking over it tbh.

Not wholly nature as it involves people, butif you havent seen Virunga on netflix I highly recommend.

David Attenborough is fun. There are also great spoofs of him, but the originals are great too.

As far as documentaries from America, we have Pawn Stars. So, no, I don’t think you’re missing out.

Nature on PBS has its moments, depending on how interested you are in the particular subject they’re covering in that episode.

I actually have a UK VHS of Trials of Life that I’ve never been able to watch on my US player. I remember watching a scene from TOL in high school where Orcas decide to play catch with seals before eating them…it was the best and cruelest thing to watch, all at the same time. They would launch them 40ft in the air with their tails, lol. Attenborough is def the man.

David Attenborough is well known here to most folks with a few brain cells. Brits are automatically assumed to be sophisticated and intelligent here, so Americans don’t even try to compete with them in the nature documentary space.

Isnt that just BBC programming put on tv in the US though?

Deadly 60 is good

Oh, maybe. To be honest I used to just get drunk and be like “those lions are sweet as hell”. I probably don’t have much to offer to this topic on second thought.

drunk nature shows are risky though. Once I ended up drunkenly signing up to volunteer with some Cheetah organization and they contacted me many times until they finally gave up.


Well 13 out of the top 20 documentaries on IMDB have David Attenborough in it, so he’s pretty legit. I did not realize Pierce Brosnan narrated Blue Planet…

Among US documentaries, the only US one I can recall as being really memorable was March of the Penguins. That was mostly because it had Morgan Freeman, who I imagined was god and was just dicking with the penguins.

People love David Attenborough but forget (or never knew) he’s batshit crazy.

Wildboyz is all I need.

The Crocodile Hunter was awesome too.

LOVE this show. I was going to mention it but thought no one would know what I was talking about. Nature + travel + nonsence YES!

on a side tangent… for spoof travel (but actually a very accurate description of real travel). “An Idiot Abroad”

That’s Sir Attenborough to you colonial peasents.

I like nature programs, especially the ones with big cats (cougars, lions, pumas, leopards, snow leopards).

is he the bloke from Sherlock?