NAV of closed-end fund

Is NAV of closed-end fund calculated once or twice a day? I found in schwiser notes that it is calculated twice every day of trading when there are prevailing maket prices for portfolio securities. However following article conflicts that they are calculated once a day or week. I am also looking for symbols of those available in the market to get an idea on what they are. Thanks

nav pricing daily is the norm. as for symbols- if you want to see the most premium to NAV names out there (overvalued vs NAV)- CRF, CUBA, CLM, RHY, MPV, BIF, RSF, GUT, RMH and SNF right now round out the top 10. If you want to see some trading heavy discount- check out JFC, MXF, CAF, TDF, DIV, SWZ, CEE, GCH, PDT, MSY, FEO, etc… Nice little Barron’s article this week on CEF’s, George Karpus gives a few names he likes on the muni side (granted, they all ran up this week after the article): For purposes of the exam, you don’t need to get very in depth on CEF’s- just some basics like can trade discount/premium to NAV, trade continuously during the day, etc… very basic stuff.

Do you know George Karpus? He’s not real high on my list of people I would listen to.

Thanks a lot for reply. Where do I find NAV of closed end fund? I checked in yahoo finance site and did not find. Curious to know how you are able to get list for over valued and under valued with respect to NAV. Thanks again

I run a closed end fund comprised of fixed income securities; our fund accountants mark once at the end of the day. The NAV is marked once but the actual fund trades like a stock on the exchange, so the “stock price” will fluctuate throughout the day.

The WSJ (print or online) is the only place I know to get the NAV of CEFs but they only update the NAVs once a week.

You know, I wouldn’t put too much faith in the NAV number of most closed end funds. The funds aren’t redeemable at NAV so the NAV numbers are not especially important. In many closed end funds the holding are illiquid, odd items with manager marks. In most places where you can redeem at manager marks, managers still don’t care about them (if I could post some valuation memos I’ve seen, oh boy).