Navigation through the CFA website


I am finding it really difficult to find my way through the CFA website. I registered for the exam today and am not able to find the digital curriculum. Finally when I found it in Candidate Resources, under the downloadable curriculum header, I was rerouted to a page which said that I have to $49 to get access to that digital curriculum over the $150 that I paid during the registration. I am so confused!! Do I have to pay $49 extra to gain access to the curriculum? Please help!

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I see the same thing. Hopefully it’s a glitch and they let us access the content as before because trying to get through the material using the online system will be painful. If this was an intentional change to charge for this content it wasn’t announced as far as I can tell.

Hey, I understood the problem. So basically all the EOC questions are there under the header Practice and rhe curriculum is under the header Lesson in Candidate Resources. And If you want to download or print the curriculum you need to pay extra.

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Agree that it’s all in the online ecosystem. However, this is the first time you have to pay for downloadable content, and a very sneaky way to increase costs since it wasn’t announced.