do the right thing


ban what?


You always write “ban” on my threads so i thought of doing the same. smiley

Big time joke. The athletes receive an “education” for all the work they do and all the entertainment money they bring in. Funny that I see myself actually supporting the formation of the student-athlete union.

your threads are pointless, you will now be receiving negative points

Want to hear a real joke? Women’s rights.

People don’t have their priorities right…consider the expected outcome of what’s going to happen to him after his college football career. What then? People setting him up to fail, only for their own entertainment… smh.

Can we have some decorum on the whole needless shitting over each other’s posts?

^cant handle rr troll??

Decorum? Here in the Water Cooler on AF? Hellz no!

ban the troll

agreed ^^