Nearly 160,000 Aspiring Charterholders to Sit for CFA Exams this Weekend

Seriously? WTF? Complete dilution.

2015 candidate pool increases by more than 10,000 prospective CFA charterholders committed to building professionalism and putting investors first

Is the candidate pool growing at a faster rate than the general population? Even if it is, I don’t think thats entirely a bad thing. Many people still haven’t heard of the CFA; its presence and brand are increasing.

Agree with ACE. As long as the rigor remains the same, having additonal people wanting the charter is not a bad thing. Nobody wants an obscure designation that only institutional money managers recognize. Especially if you are dealing with private clients / wealth mgmt.

The overall candidate pool has actually started to flatline.

The # of new charterholders per year has grown, it’s around +8000 new people a year

The completion rate of CFA L1 candidates is around 14%. So, only about 22k of those 160k people will probably get the charter.

Those 160k people, are all of them L1 candidates, or are some of them already at the finish line? That would make a huge difference in the calculations.

From the article i think it’s 160,000 across all levels who are registered to write tomorrow.

probably only 120,000 will show up to write the exam?

You think 25% will skip the exam? Really?

Wouldn’t be surprised, I’ve met a few cands that are planning to do basically that. Probably not as high as 25%, but I’ve also only met people who are actually studying, so re: people who pay and never open books, or cands elsewhere in the world… who knows? Maybe it is around 25%.

If company pays for it, you know you’re going to bomb it, no consequence to failing (or rewards to passing)- why waste a gorgeous sat?

You shave off a few years from your lifespan just by being in that environment. I practically wanted to murder anyone that dared to cough or fidget. Or tell me I will “do fine”. It’s not healthy.

Pretty sure its 160,000 across the board…majority of them probably L1 candidates.

I’d say it’s closer to 1/5 or 1/6 that don’t show up. 1/4 seems high

Okay, 25% is a bit of an exaggeration, but at least 15% i think!

And depending on location, there are other things that affect the participation rate, like FIFA last year or olympics next year will probably affect the particiation rate in Brazil?

I recently talked to a colleague who spent several years at CFAI. He said the big growth in the candidate pool has been in Asia.

Is the exam administered overseas in english too? In other words, those who took the exam in Japan took it in english?

Yeah you have to take the exam in English everywhere.

Ill take any edge that i can but i think this policy should probably be reviewed. Given that the majority of holders are some where in Asia i think it would only be fair to admin the test in other languages too.

Spike is from the influx of 21 and 22 year old Chinese taking the exam

Wait I’m curious about this too. Do proctors in China read the exam directions in English too?

Btw where do these proctors come from. I took it in same center as last year and they were mostly the same people. I don’t want to be mean, but I feel like these people just relish the one day (may two?) in a year where they have so much power over 100s of people.

I don’t agree with having exams in multiple languages because then CFAI would probably take 5 months to grade a scantron.

Majority of candidates are in Asia…but the majority of holders are in the U.S.

Oh, I can answer these questions…

I now work in an Asian country where English is not the first language (it’s not China, btw). For the CFA exams, proctors read instructions in English because there are not only locals but foreigners participating in the exam. And personally I think the CFAI requires to give íntructions in English.

Proctors here are hired from organizations such as IDP, British Council, IIE …etc… because those guys are familiar with holding standardized tests (i.e: IELTS, TOEFL, etc…). I also saw a couple of guys who seem to be CFA charterholders walking around to supervise check-in sessions…

As about multi-language exam papers, I’d rather take the exam in English (my third language) than do it in my 1st language :(.